Fall Punch of Color


Someone once told me that color is powerful and conveys emotion. Okay, that was from a sales associate at a fancy store trying to sell me a luxurious $20 lip gloss.

As a college student I’d rather go to Target or Rite aid for makeup, but she definitely had a point (I understand working in retail too, respect the nice people who do.)

Color can be seductive, confident and dazzling.

Fall is the time to finally accept that those lazy, hazy days of summer are over and it’s back to school.

There is so much to look forward to, and rich jewel tones of burgundy and ruby red are in.

Cover girl has outlast lipstick in a plethora of color shades. You can try on as many as your heart’s content.

Swipe on  allure with CoverGirl's Moonlite Mauve Shade

Swipe on allure with CoverGirl’s Moonlite Mauve Shade

I couldn’t resist buying one this summer because Katy Perry was wearing the same shade in the ad….so great job cover girl advertisers.

Rich plums and berries have that sweet, just-bitten look that gives you a perfect pop of color.

Rimmel London has a similar shade, Berry Rose.

Find your pop of color with Rimmel London's Berry Rose.

Find your pop of color with Rimmel London’s Berry Rose.

Keep the rest of your makeup fresh, no need for heavy eye shadow.

A light bronze or copper, pink, or shimmery white on lids with a few coats of mascara (or 15) is fine.

Add some bronzer or pink to add color to your checks so that the rest of your face has a warm glow, without combating with the pop of the lips.

Now you are ready for fall!


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